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Is there a NerdLacquer you love and never managed to get your hands on (or get on your hands), or that you've run out of? NO PROBLEM. The entire back catalog of discontinued shades is now available! Recipes have been tweaked and math-ified so each color can be mixed as a one-off individual shade and bottled just for you! Note that over the years, some ingredients have changed (slightly thicker or thinner lacquer base, different / improved pigments) -- and of course with anything handmade, there are always going to be very slight batch-to-batch variations -- but they do all use the original recipe and will be as close as possible to the old-skool Nerds you know and love. They will, however, all be bottled in the fancy newfangled NerdLacquer style, with foil label, white cap, and nice wide flat brush. Hooray! OLD SKOOL. <3

Is the shade you want not on listed in the drop-down menu? Just ask for it via email!

^All of Time and Space

^Home of the Untempered Schism

^I Think You Call Me ... Sexy

^Beggar's Canyon

^Outed By A Probot

^No Medal For Chewie

^Warrior Ethos

^Purely Logical

^Cold & Calculating

^It's Just A Flesh Wound

^Pinin' For The Fjords

^Crunchy Frog

^Don't Panic

^Entirely Unlike Tea

^Hyperspace Bypass


^Don't Blink (OG)





^Antisocial Media




^Event Horizon




^I Aim To Misbehave

^But She's Got It Where It Counts

^The Lando System

^Hocchhh Kssshhhh

^The Ring

^The Eye













^The Shadow House





^Regal Copper


^The Zed Word

^Murder, Murder, Murder

^The 12th Pint

^Eight Gates

^Acid of 1000 Fangs

^Smoke Dragon

^Han Shot First



^Hello Good Evening & Remain Indoors ^Some Bastard Who's Presumably Responsible ^That's Numberwang
^Phenomenon of Man ^Flowers of Evil ^Tristan + Iseult
^Cyance Friction ^The Selfish Green ^The Quantum Bluniverse
^Hell Bent ^Don't Blink 2.0 ^Hey Missy
^Annapurna ^Olympus Mons ^Kunlun
^Hodge Conjecture ^P vs NP ^Riemann Hypothesis
^Arabic ^Hindi ^Korean
^Kool Thing ^Dig For Fire ^Polar Bear
^Kylo ^Phasma ^General Effing Leia
^Leckie ^Le Guin ^Jemisin
^#1 Number One ^Amok ^Truth/Beauty
^Ithaqua ^Cthulhu ^Azathoth
^Klein ^Penrose ^Sphericon
^Inheritance ^Canis Major ^Tamed
^Crowley ^Blavatsky ^Rasputin
^Castle Bravo ^Blue Steel Yellow Sun ^Tsar Bomba