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SCALZI is ... well I mean obviously it's a very literal (heh) interpretation of the cover of the first edition of Old Man's War. More prosaically, it's a bright mid ultramarine base with moss and sea green glitter, green opalescence, turquoise sparkle, and a yellow-green glow when the lights are off (kinda like how the cat-esque eyes of genetically modified supersoldiers might appear).

You've already read the Old Man's War series, right? RIGHT? If you haven't, get on it. Wildly entertaining AND thought-provoking, it's a pretty compelling vision of far-future warfare, politics, and self-determination versus the ... wow, I'm making it sound super fucking dull. Just read it, okay?

HEY now you can pick your label for every bottle! There's the current/default silver chrome NerdLacquer label, the new pale aqua Retro label (with a sprinkling of silver glitter!), or the silver chrome Iconoclast labels, because not everyone identifies as a Nerd, right? Or, for a nominal fee, get a totally custom label that says whatever you want! Custom labels will be the same format and typography as the current/default style : silver chrome with transparent letters that allow your polish color to peek through. Just select "CUSTOM" in the dropdown, and let me know in the comments at checkout what you'd like it to say! (Keep it under 20 characters or it won't fit!) Note that a few "special" trios come with different fancy labels, like the Myst series, the Vintage SciFi trio, and the Potterverse trio.