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PHASMA is ... okay, I was kind of torn on this one. The obvious choice would be plain ol' chrome, but A) there's already a million of those, and B) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So I mixed up what we'll call "chrome plus," which contains the usual foily chrome bits plus a crapload of silver, white, and holo microglitter, plus a dash of linear holo which doesn't really display to full effect, but does add a bit of opacity. As you see in the pics, this is like, the sparkliest silver nail polish ever. Kinda demi-matte velvety-feeling on its own, but very glassy slick with topcoat.

But. BUT! Phasma, being a bad-ass, is CONVERTIBLE. You'll also get a little tiny envelope of pre-measured glitter -- large and small silver holo, black micro, plus black holo textured glitter. Added to the "base" Phasma, it creates a silver-black holographic extravaganza. Softly textured when left bare (about like Zoya's standard Pixie Dusts), or top coat it for extra-bespangledness. This one *will* hork down your top coat; I recommend a coat of Gelous or similar, followed by a coat of Seche or Insta-Dry. (Swatch pics for both versions show index and middle with no topper, ring and pinky with the usual Gelous + Insta-Dry.)

"Whaaaaat, how does that even work, what do I dooooo." Easy! You'll want to use the "base" Phasma for a few manicures first, to make room in the bottle. If you look at your bottle from the side after it's been unshaken a while and see 1/16" or so empty space at the top, you're good to go. Take the brush out, and either snip the corner of your glitter-baggie open, or (better) roll up a piece of paper into a little funnel, stick the small end in the bottle neck, dump in the glitter and tap/squeeze the funnel to get it into the bottle. Now: DO NOT REPLACE THE BRUSH YET. Put a finger tightly over the bottle and shake the crap out of it. Slide finger off opening -- is there a clog of glitter in the neck? Probably. Get a needle or big safety pin and poke it down in there. Shake again, then replace the brush/cap, shake some more, and VOILA, PHASMA 2.0.