Mani-Cure-All Kit
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Mani-Cure-All Kit

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Need a fun gift, or just enjoy aquiring cute boxes? Mani-Cure-All has you covered! Literally! Fancy metal tin with a fancy vintage-style label available in four colors -- Sky, Lilac, and Grey, which come with color-coordinated Xcellent Files, or if you want something a little more girly, choose the Persimmon box and specify which color glass file you'd like! Each kit also comes with two full-size bottles of NerdLacquer in any current-production shade you'd like, AND with the Balmshell of your choice, plus a couple of can't-live-without-'em orangewood manicure sticks plus (not shown in pics) a three-way buffer stick. Color? CHECK. Cute file? CHECK. Cleanup tools? CHECK. Cuticle care? CHECK. 

HOW TO : Just pick your box color from the drop-down menu, then in the "What goes in it?" box, list 1) which two current-production [aka not custom or Vintage Archive] polish colors you'd like, 2) which Balmshell scent you'd like, and 3) which Xcellent File color you'd like! (If you don't specify a particular file color, your chosen box will get its color-coordinated file, unless you chose Persimmon in which case I'll select one for you.) And that's it! Woo!