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Want to play mad scientist, but don't want to shell out hundos on materials? BEHOLD THE ICONOCLAST DIY KIT. Pick a shades of tinted suspension base, pick two sets o' sparkles, and you're on your way to creating your very own unique customized polish. Kits include everything you'll need :

  • One full standard-size (.5oz) bottle of tinted suspension base, with mixing bead, brush & cap
  • Five assorted shimmers / glitters in the colors and types of your choice
  • One teeny plastic funnel 
  • One clear poly bag for easy polish mixing
  • A cotton swab for testing
  • Blank round bottom label for color name
  • Detailed instructions and tips for getting results you'll love!

Kits come packaged in a silver organza bag, UNLESS you order a combo of any three Iconoclasts (Passport, Flesh Gordon, and/or Overcast) -- in which case they'll come in a fancy metal box (oooooo)!


Base shades : Six tropical brights, plus (not shown) Void (black) and Clear.

As with all hand-mixed bases, colors may differ slightly from swatches, and may also vary based on monitor settings.

Sparkle sets :


Surprise Me! (random colors)


SRI LANKA (coral) : unmixed, orange & pink/red, silver/white & blue/aqua

COMOROS (orchid) : unmixed, all pink/violet, black/gunmetal & blue/aqua

CABO VERDE (emerald) : unmixed, green/turquoise & silver/white, black/gunmetal & pink/violet

SAINT VINCENT (grenadine) : unmixed, all red/pink, silver/white & blue/aqua

TUVALU (turquoise) : unmixed, blue/aqua & turquoise/green, black/gunmetal & copper/orange

BARBADOS (ultramarine) : unmixed, purple/blue & blue/aqua, pink/violet & gold


"But I'm not crafty, like, AT ALL. Howwwwwww." It's easy, I promise! Base tints are formulated to deposit plenty of color, but still be sheer enough to let all your sparkles show up. Actual glitters will include about 1/16 - 1/8 tsp; smaller shimmers around 1/16 tsp or less, since too much of these can result in a frosty opaque mess. If you're daring (or have at least a rudimentary understanding of paints and pigments), you can even tint the bases further with polishes out of your own stash. Solid/creme colors work best for this, and I recommend sticking fairly close to the original shade in this case, or using plain old black or white to soften or deepen them. OR! In the drop-down menu above, you'll see an option to get your polish pre-mixed, for those who want something custom but don't enjoy the creation/bottling process so much. In this case, you'll receive a full bottle of your designated blend, plus a blank label and laminating sheet, AND I'll keep your recipe on file in case you ever want a backup bottle or a dupe for a friend!

"What kind of shimmers and glitters will be included?" The photos above include a swatch card that shows some (but not all!) of the 250+ possible sparkles, in clear polish brushed over black and white, just to give you an idea. There are very fine pearls, fine shimmers, microglitters, small to medium shreds and flakes, and medium and large "regular" glitters up to about .062" hex/square, which is the largest size used in most retail polishes. I'm not going to include ingredients that're tricky to work with or mix, or ginormous or weird-shaped glitters, since those are so frustrating to fish out of the bottle and get onto your nails. The "Sparkle Sets" you choose will include two or three sparkles in the designated color range, five different sparkles total. If you specify "Anything/everything" as your sparkle type, you'll get at least one pearl/microshimmer, at least one medium/large glitter, and assorted in-betweeners. If you specify "Nah, I don't like big glitters" in the dropdown, I'll ONLY include pearls, tiny flakes, sparkles, and microglitter. You can choose Sparkle Sets in two different shades, or both the same. One will have 2 sparkles, the other will have three (for a total of five) -- I'll select them accordingly to balance type/size/color impact in your chosen base. 

"Can I specifiy a very particular base shade, or choose individual specific shimmers and glitters?" Sadly, nah. The only way this is a workable enterprise is if the options are somewhat limited. Otherwise each kit would require SO much time that they'd have to be priced astronomically high just for the labor involved, and that's no fun for anybody! 

WHY IS THIS A THING? Because it's fun! Crafting is fun! Crafting without having to spend umpty-fraptillion dollars just to get started is even MORE fun! Also because it would make a neato gift for your bestie, your mom, your teen kid or niece/nephew, your fellow bridesmaids, or yourself. I've tried to create a set here that allows plenty of options without being overwhelming, and includes the ingredients in amounts that are just about guaranteed to produce a delightful (and wearable!) end result. Now GET MIXING!