ICONOCLAST : Flesh Gordon
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ICONOCLAST : Flesh Gordon

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FLESH GORDON, Y'ALL -- because neutrals don't always need to be plain creams! Eight fabulous (heroic? maybe!) crelly shades include a light, medium, deep, and dark in both cool and warm tones. These aren't designed to be actual "flesh" / skin tones, because in my experience that usually doesn't work super well with nail polish (lighter cuticle areas! excessively pink at sides of nail! what do I try to match?). Rather, these are just neutral shades made to be pretty much universally flattering, and sparkly yet low-key (FUN, but won't fight with whatever you're wearing). The "warm" shades are made with a red-orange base, so they're more akin to the usual "nudes;" the "cool" shades are built on a lavender-pink base, so they're more in the mauve/stone family. You can certainly adjust the base colors on your own by adding very small amounts of black or white cream polish! Buuuuut, note that taking the light shades whiter may result in streakiness or too much pigment obscuring your sparkles, and taking the deep shades darker may seem to desaturate them and also make the sparkles stand out even more (which might be desirable! but will also make them less "neutral" and low-key!). The full shade line-up :

VULTAN : light cool, a pale neutralized mauve.
MING : medium cool, a lightish taupe.
BARIN : deep cool, a minky stone shade.
KLYTUS : dark cool, a desaturated walnut.

AURA : light warm, a pale peach with a hint of brown.
DALE : medium warm, a camel shade with a bit of apricot.
KALA : deep warm, a light milk chocolate with a little rose.
HEDONIA : dark warm, a rich bittersweet cocoa.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. These ship with two pairs (so four total) of shimmers/sparkles of your choice -- pick sparkle sets in two different colors for extra-fancy contrast and dramaaaa, or choose the same color for both sparkle sets for a more monochrome look. Like the Prometheans, they include everything you need to mix it yourself, but these won't ever include big glitter -- just pearls, sparks, shimmers, microflakes, and microglitter. So they'll be easy to apply, easy to remove, and smooooooth! 

"But the shimmers! What should I choose? What will look good?" Since we're just doing smaller-scale sparkles here, pretty much any color(s) will work in any base shade. Personally, my favorite is to do a "metal" (silver/white, gold, copper/orange) plus a contrasting color. Keep in mind that adding blues or violets will "cool down" the apparent overall hue of your final mix, and adding gold or copper can "warm up" the overall tone a bit. The swatch wheel photo with final mixes shows examples : from top to bottom, dark cool "Barin" with aqua and copper, dark warm "Kala" with violet and gold, light cool "Vultan" with blue and purple, light warm "Aura" with copper/orange and red, medium cool "Ming" with silver/white and green, and medium warm "Dale" with gold and pink.

These come packaged just like the Promethean singles : silver organza bag, instructions, funnel, etc -- UNLESS you order any combination of three Flesh Gordons or Prometheans, in which case I'll package them in the fun metal box the trios come in. Woo! FLESH, AH-AHHHHH, savior of...your nail polish collection, I guess.


1) VULTAN with silver/white & aqua/green, 2) AURA with silver/white & pink/red, 3) MING with purple/blue & blue/aqua, 4) DALE with copper/orange & silver/white, 5) BARIN with purple/blue & gold, 6) KALA with red/pink & copper/orange, 7) KLYTUS with purple/blue & pink/violet. 8) HEDONIA with silver/white & copper/orange.