NEW FUTURE SHOCK TRIO WOO! Hot summer brights, spacey contrasting sparkle, and they glow in the dark, of course. Also, check out brand new DRYLIGHTERS! Fab sparkly powder coats, in fun colors and equally fun (and sciencey!) vials & test tubes! Also, custom polishes are now ICONOCLASTS! Design your ideal color from three sets of bases: Overcast, Flesh Gordon, Passport brights. Hooray!  Also, new MOUTHY BROADS are lip balms for the fearless and loud. And don't forget BALMSHELLS: because cuticles can still get grotty even in summer. ALSO, free swatch stick & free Balmshell sample! Just note your color and scent pick in the comments at checkout! ALSO, dork up your Instagram feed with @nerdlacquer. Also, if you're into beauty blogs, go give a test-drive. <3