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‚ÄčHEROINES : super-strength and super-sparkly! These badass glitters are loaded with single-shade tiny and micro sparkles in a matching tinted base, plus a little dash of something extra for maximum power. They’re opaque in two coats, they’re ultra spangly, AND you can customize them with an extra shimmer if you like! Just pick your Heroine, and from the next dropdown menu select “Original” or one of the available embellishment shades — which, all of these will be tiny sparkles or microglitter so that they’ll enhance rather than overwhelm the main shade. Pick something similar to the original color for a subtle tone-on-tone effect (add light blue to royal Luthien, or hot pink to wondrous red Diana), or go for a strongly contrasting hue for maximum drama (I’m particularly fond of aqua sparkles added to Phoenix, as shown below). Made your picks? NOW GO SAVE THE WORLD.

Photos below show each shade in its "original" formula on the left, and with an EXTRA POWER sparkle added on the right. And in case you don't get all the name references : Diana (Prince, aka WonderWoman), Luthien (from the Silmarillion, a distant ancestor of Arwen and defier of Morgoth's bullshit), Phoenix (aka Jean Grey from the X-Men obvs), Kaylee (Frye, mechanical genius from Firefly), Jessica (Jones, from the Marvel Universe, bonafide ass-kicker), Gamora (daughter of Thanos, also a bonafide ass-kicker), and Avasarala (Chrisjen Avasarala, from The Expanse, who has no time for your fucking incompetence) (Avasarala cusses like a sailor). 

Diana Diana with Light Blue
Luthien Luthien with Purple
Phoenix Phoenix with Aqua
Kaylee Kaylee with Gunmetal
Jessica Jessica with Gold
Gamora Gamora with Pink
Avasarala Avasarala with Green