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Glassy AF is totally clear, totally thick. This is GREAT for giving glitter and shimmer polishes that thickly-lacquered appearance, or for getting a super smooth surface over textured glitter polishes, without using like five coats of Seche. Do one coat over your pretty-dry-ish (doesn't have to be bone dry) polish, and then top with your usual quick-dry (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, Seche Vite, Poshe, pick your poison), and VOILA. Your mani is now glassy as f... 

AND NOW, you can buy it in a totally cute and totally handy miniature 4oz jug, just like motor oil and scary industrial chemicals come in! Equivalent to 8 regular bottles, but only an adorable 3.5" high (shown above next to a regular Glassy AF bottle to display scale), now you can just refill your OG Glassy with less waste and less $$. Hurrah!