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DRYLIGHTERS are fab, easy, and multipurpose. Paint your nail with a thin layer of polish -- Glassy AF, a color, a quick-dry top coat -- then stick your finger in the container, shake, thump to dislodge excess, let dry (it's FAST), and you're done! One coat over a sheer base will give you a diaphanous semi-matte shimmer with a very slight texture; over a strong base color the effect is even bolder. You can leave it as-is, or top with Seche or Insta-Dri for even more drama! 

THIS SOUNDS WEIRD. Yes it does, and weird is great. Drylighters go on fast, and they dry fast. Also, their packaging makes them easy to use -- no fussing with brushes or applicators or trying to cram your finger into a tiny flat jar without messing up the polish. And since not everyone's fingers are the same size, Drylighters come in a fancy glass jar with an 18mm opening, and they come WITH a matching test tube with a 14mm opening -- one or the other is bound to be a good fit for your fingers! If the vial is too big for your fingers to get a good seal, just transfer the product to the test tube instead. There's plenty of room in either one to leave ample space for your finger and to shake!

WAIT WHAT'S IN THERE? Only pigments, shimmers, sparkles, and microglitter! No other binders, no talc, nothing that isn't skin-safe. Your Drylighter also comes with a little packet of extra sparkle -- additional glitter (very small and micro) that you can mix in, if you like! They'll make the finish even sparklier, but do note that they'll also add a bit more texture.

WILL IT COME OFF IF I DON'T TOP COAT IT? Assuming you applied it over a fresh coat of wet polish? Once you let it dry completely, yeah, a little bit will come off if you wipe your nails. But the majority of it will stick to your polish, even through hand washings etc. 

THIS LOOKS LIKE LOOSE EYESHADOW. CAN I USE IT AS EYESHADOW? The pigments and shimmers used are all eye-safe! HOWEVER, some of the larger sparkles and microglitters are "not recommended for use around the eyes." Then again, this is the case with many "cosmetic glitters," so I'll only tell you to use your best judgement, use caution, and if you do elect to use them as eyemakeup, definitely use a primer specifically for glitter adhesion to minimize potential fallout. 

SWATCHES! Below are Rayleigh, Circadian, Alpenglow, and Gegenschein, shown (left to right) over Glassy AF with no top coat, with top coat, over black with no top coat, and with top coat : 

And, just to be completeist, arm swatches (applied heavily over glitter primer) -- from left, Rayleight, Circadian, Alpenglow, Gegenschein :