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Want to try out mirror nails? Enjoy weird textures and unusual effects? Then DISCO BALLER is for you. Everything you need -- well, almost -- all in one handy kit!

WHAT'S IN THE BAG? A jar of mirror powder, a jar of glass bubble-effect beads, a small jar of sugar-effect glass microbeads, a small jar of matte velvet-effect glass ultramicro powder beads, .5 oz bottle of H2OMG water-based sealer for the mirror powder, sponge applicators for mirror, tiny scoop for glass beads, cotton balls for pre-seal mirror prep, wood sticks for swiping cuticles clean, a little bag of big square silver glitter in case you want to go for a REAL disco ball look, and...an actual tiny disco ball. Oh, and instructions, of course.

WHAT DO I DO WITH IT? Whatever you want! The kit includes instructions on how to achieve a mirror-chrome look using your own gel-type top coat (Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, Revlon Gel Envy, or whatever you've already got or can procure most easily -- it does need to be gel-type, but it doesn't need to be "real" gels that require UV curing; OPI, Essie, Butter, and Lippmann also make faux-gels, though I haven't tried them out yet). Basically : do your base coat(s), do one cream color coat (see swatch wheel below to get an idea of how your base color can tint your result!), two coats of gel top coat, buff in mirror powder with foam applicators, dust off loose sparkles with cotton, two coats water-based sealer, and a final gel top coat. It's easier than you might think, but I should warn you that the key to a good result is to let every single coat of polish dry before proceeding to the next step...which means that it might be super easy, but it does take a lot damn longer than the average mani.

BUT WHAT ARE ALL THESE WEIRD BEADS? They're FUN, that's what they are, and they'll do all kinds of neat stuff. Try them on top of / layered with / underneath creams, metallics, shimmers, whatever you like. Mirror over them! Mattify your favorite shimmers without having to wait a year for matte top coat to dry! Make a sparkly jelly sandwich with bubbles in it! The little image collage here shows a bunch of effects. You don't even need anything special to attach them -- they'll stick just fine on any top coat, even quick-dry ones! For best results, when you're ready to bead, work one nail at a time -- paint top coat on the nail in a thin even layer, hold nail over open jar, scoop or sprinkle beads on top, turn nail upside down and tap finger to shake off loose excess beads. SO EASY.

Top row, sugar and matte beads over aqua, bubble over azure, matte and sugar over a purple-based mirror finish, sugar over azure. Bottom row, mirror effect applied on top of bubble, mirror over red in strong light, bubble and sugar over aqua, and on top is bubble over black cream.

Fun, right? Some tips : beads usually look best if you let your base coat dry (or mostly dry) and add the beads via top coat rather than applying them directly to your base color. Also for the matte powder beads, try to make that top coat as thin and even as possible to get the smoothest effect. The bubble and sugar beads look AMAZING over mirror or metallics, and then top-coated. Top-coating the matte beads over a mirror or sparkly finish gives a cool iced-over effect. UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES!