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CTHULHU is as mysterious as his name is unpronounceable. Some say "chchlool-hoo," most now say "kuh-THOO-loo," but it can also be pronounced "shah-DAY." (It actually can't.) Deep ocean teal packed with thirteen different sparkles and shimmers and flakes, with a blue-green shift and a subtle thermochromic change that goes ever-so-slightly darker and greener on your free edges (or your whole nail if you dunk your hand in your drink).

ALSO! Cthulhu comes in a hand-etched bottle, because AWESOME. I've done two different styles, shown above in the fourth image. If you prefer one style over the other, just make a note in the comments at checkout whether you want Cthulhu A (left) or Cthulhu B (right); otherwise it'll just be random. These ship with the usual NerdLacquer label, but it's not applied -- you can stick it on the back, or across Cthulhu himself which will probably piss him off but you're a badass who enjoys taunting evil.