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Just like it says -- a six-pack of Balmshells in the scents of your choice! Pick six different ones, or multiples of favorites, stock up on your go-to scent, use them as stocking stuffers, give them out as party favors, play dominos with them. Just list your choices in the text field and KA-BOOM.

ZOË : Nicely balanced cedar and violet. Staunch, steadfast, but also kinda sweet and soft (and maybe a little bit slinky).

SCULLY : A true and heady incense, with champa, frankincense, a little patchouli, bit of pine. Champa dominates, making this one quite perfumey. 

RIVER : Water notes and, of course, gunpowder. Like a mysterious forest stream with a high probability of impending violence. 

BOBBIE : Fresh greenery, vetiver, hint of coconut (virgin coconut oil in this one!), and a whiff of mechanical lubricant from your Goliath power armor. 

LEIA : Sharp, cool, definitely headstrong, and a little tart. Contains notes of fresh snow, grapefruit, pepper, and evergreens.

ELEVEN : Cool autumn woods, dirt, and sea salt. Very fresh, surprisingly powerful, maaaaybe psychokinetic. 

ROLAND : Black tea, black pepper, smoke. The scent of 19th century British colonialism ("give us your tea and spices or we'll burn your shit down"). FAVE.

RIPLEY : Oud, lime, fir, campfire. Peaty, smoky, slightly spicy, slightly sour. Smells like taking a flamethrower to a bunch of very exotic (alien?) biomass.

BRIENNE : Brisk and bracing winter woods, with a mix of mahogany, juniper, cedar, and fir. Cold and green, but also strong and forthright and earthy. 

LANA : “WHAT?” Gunpowder and suede. Is it amazing and quite unisex? “YUUUUUUP.” Is it only for people with massive hands? “NOOOOOOPE.” 

STARBUCK : Old leather jacket and a hint of cigar. What else could it possibly be? This one's probably my second favorite after Roland. Okay, and Ripley.

DAX : Unscented, because Trills take on the outward characteristics of their hosts, duh.