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Ordered one of these a while back from my fave art supply store, and WHOA, it's perfection for polish cleanup! A good bit larger than the little liner-type brushes you usually see used for the purpose, but a flat tapered filbert shape and stiff nylon bristles make it much easier to control with precision. Also, the stiffness makes it SO MUCH BETTER at flicking off bits of errant glitter or sparkles, and it's also aces at brushing excess chrome/mirror/etc dust out of your cuticle area before you seal your fancy FX in with top coat.

Appx 7" long, and brush head is about 1/4" wide and a little shy of 1/8" thick; longest bristles are a little under 1/4" as well. And yeah, nylon stands up VERY well to remover (even acetone!) over time. Woo!